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Hello friends Do you have trouble with stomach gas and if you are looking for home remedies and cures for stomach gas,

then you are on the right post because today we treat you with some tremendous home remedies for ending stomach gas problem.

Coffee is health food, with the help of which you can easily fix your stomach gas problem.

Friends gas stomach is such a problem when any person gets it, then he can not do any work properly and he gets restlessness, his stomach is bloated and there is a lot of pain in him.

Many people asked us to please tell us the home remedies to cure the stomach’s gas so that we can reduce the gas of your stomach sitting in the house because a lot of time happens that at the time of the night we are in the stomach Too much gas starts to feel, due to which we are very uneasy

And at that time, our home remedies and remedies will prove to be very beneficial for you, so let’s not spend too much time with friends, but we do not come directly to them, and see home remedies and cure for stomach gas recovery.

Stomach gas syndrome

The first symptom is that your stomach gets stubborn and you start feeling disheartened, you do not eat too much, even though you feel like your stomach is completely full.

But friends do not have your stomach filled in acne, it only contains gas and air, due to which you are very inconvenienced when you sit in one place

When there is too much gas in the stomach then you do not feel like eating anything and your whole body starts trembling

Let’s see the symptoms of stomach gas. Now let us see the home remedies and cures to repair the stomach gas.

Home remedies for stomach gas

1. In the stomach gas formation, take 125 gm buttermilk, mix 2 grams of celery and half gram black salt and eat after stomach gas stops

2. Peel the lace of the lyson and wrap it in the mouth of the mouth, and wrap it in the 4 nights, after chewing it after the meal, it gets out of the stomach gas immediately.

3. By making a vegetable of real leaves, the gas complaint is removed by eating it

4. Chewed 2 grams of celery, grind salt and half grams, it will give you relief from both abdominal pain and gas

5. Try to drink more water than it will reduce your stomach gas very quickly and you will get very much comfort

6. You do not eat too spicy food at all because when you eat too much spicy food then you have problems with stomach gas

6. Do not eat outside samosas and oils at all, because often we have seen those who eat Samosi bread pakoda etc., they immediately start the problem of stomach gas so you can get rid of things outside and things made in oil. Do not even at all

7. If you have a problem of stomach gas frequently, then by telling you a remedy, you will have to wake up in the morning and your gas gas problem will always be cured forever.

8. After dinner, take a walk for a little while and you will get a lot of benefit and you will never have to worry about gas gas because often we have seen that people eat a lot of food and sleep immediately Doing so leads to the accumulation of gas in your stomach so that you are uncomfortable and you do not get sleepy, Do not go to r

9. In spite of this, if you do not end the stomach gas problem then you should immediately visit the doctor because you may have any other stomach disease.

Friends, this was the home remedies of stomach gas and the symptoms we expect that you will get much relief from the stomach gas problem by reading this our post today.

If you have liked home remedies and prescriptions, please share it with your friends and your family members so that they also know that the home remedies for treating stomach and treatment is what happens.

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